About Us > Investment Philosophy

Our team (founders, advisors and connected group of analysts) are a uniquely talented group with expertise in global capital markets. We have excelled in bottom up fundamental stock picking and spotting opportunities before the herd.


We are driven by value investment principles.
We do not compete with others, nor do we seek to outdo the competition. In fact we wish very well for others and hope everyone makes it to the finish line.
We ignore the crowd.
We stand alone resolutely on our beliefs, but are open to learning and ideas from all directions.
We do not chase momentum.


We build investment portfolio based on long-term strategic and structural trends which are bound to create wealth:

  1. By taking no leverage, we follow buy-and-hold investment philosophy in opportunities with cash limited to our bank balance.
  2. By the grace of Almighty many of our clients and we feel we are bestowed with more than our needs, considering ourselves already materially wealthy, we seek preservation of the capital.
  3. By investing in powerful franchises with robust returns in economic expansion, and protection under recessions.
  4. By ignoring all mediocre organisations; or those not run by able and sincere management or with 'red flags' that we have built up in our repertoire.
  5. By factoring in rear-window and wind-screen trends.
  6. By achieving attractive inflation adjusted returns while minimising risk and taxes.


We pursue to go beyond the MOAT as disseminated by Warren Buffett, an analogy used to promote an idea in investment space. We prowl to generate portfolio returns by investing in companies with wider-than-MOAT characteristics. MOAT is a fashion buzzword and much bandied about and misused. We are driven by an insatiable thirst for exemplary and once-in-a-lifetime investments with a multi-decade growth potential. We would prefer to call our multi-decade opportunities as 'ISLAND INVESTMENTS' (island investments) with hundreds of miles wide OCEAN and near monopoly traits.

We buy companies with significant lead over competitors in far foreseeable future. We will buy only the best; in many cases much before the large institutions spot the opportunities or trends. Our sole hard work post investment is patiently reclining on our rocking chair for years for value and growth to be reflected in price.


We belive in thorough research. For some investment opportunities we can spend over three months of research as we are not answerable to our bosses for the time spent, but only to clients for the returns generated. We can become world authority on certain investment ideas. But we believe in doing rather than speaking. We believe in holding on to opportunities than publishing detailed reports. We believe in betting on the idea with our capital than convincing others.

We have a history of making early calls on long term investment opportunities that returned 20-50 times absolute return on initial capital without leverage since 2009.


We believe all human beings regardless of the country of origin have great potential if backed by sound political regimes and institutions. We will seek to invest in new emerging geographies for prepossessing corporations in publicly listed space for an economic gain.