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Eleven Dimensions has established linkages with stock exchanges across a number of attractive countries that suits our investment philosophy. We will not rest on our laurels, we will track further geographies relentlessly that offer investments matching our investment criteria.


After rigorous screening and post investment, it is patiently parked as a hen laying golden egg. Our hallmark is long term orientation for a several fold return, we are not satisfied with 50% or 100% returns. We seek multibagger opportunities from a multi-decade perspective.


Eleven Dimensions has established a superior portfolio management process, as shown by our past results. Our investment track record demonstrates our superior historical portfolio performance when compared to the indices. (References and trades available on request). Of course, past performance does not guarantee future results.


Our team are continuous learning machines with several successful models to seperate wheat from the chaff. We are talented, enjoy problem solving, proactive and results-oriented.


We have deep industry relationships which facilitates compelling investment opportunities; Our clients, many of whom are professional investors themselves, also have far-reaching networks, providing us with even greater access to unique opportunities.


Our strategy is driven by a focus on superior analysis and superlative investments, without any deadline; a characteristic which we believe sets us apart from our competitors.


Our business model is based on managers investing in the fund managed for their clients. Our interests are aligned solely with that of our clients.