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 Eleven Dimension Funds is currently focussed on success of their Global Fund offering, to provide world-class returns for our clients. The locus of our attention is excellence and supremacy of fund rather than size and scale. The polestar of our efforts is hunting down and being one amongst the first in discovery, equally vital, patiently holding on to investments in wider-than-MOAT opportunities for years. We desire to be the proverbial hedgehog who loves to perform one act with breathtaking admirability. With inactivity in the portfolio, we risk being christened a hibernating bear by the critics.

► Managed Portfolio and Advisory for Emerging Markets: Prospective clients that are unable to invest in Global Fund, we can guide them through the labyrinth of processes for opening self-owned brokerage and bank accounts in emerging market countries. We will also advice on entry and exits points for various investment opportunities and portfolio updates several times a year. This is only available to institutional clients